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help families of political prisoners

support free press, journalists and independent media (English description) - gofundme
support free press, journalists and independent media - PayPal
help those who have lost their jobs because of the regime - facebook campaign
What's happening?

There are some cards in google that will probably explain the situation better than me, I just know what I've read in Russian news and from fundraiser creators. Basically, the "current president" of Belarus A.Lukashenko "won" in the elections which were so obviously fake, a lot of people went to protest them. Only to be met with police violence. People are being arrested, beaten, and tortured violently for simply going outside and peacefully demanding justice. This is sick.

The leaders of the opposition (mostly women) demand fair elections where Lukashenko's main opponent, S. Tikhanovskaya can compete against him fairly. The opposition suggests that the actual elections numbers were 90% in her favor, however the official number state that she only has 10% and Lukashenko has 80%.

Putin's stance on this is definitely pro-Lukashenko and he has offered to send military help to him if situation gets "out of control", which is very bad. Lukashenko is running around with a gun and a terrified face, but he refuses to let go of the presidential seat and openly defends violence and torture against protestors, claiming those are essential to keep the country together.

I see a lot of info carrds floating around, but not a lot of links to funds so here they are. The funds are named BY_Help and By_Sol.

If you have a platform bigger than mine, consider spreading the links around or adding them to your Belarus-themed carrds. I don't know if there's a way to contact carrd creators and ask them to link the funds, but if there is... Please, someone, do it. I am already shaking really badly as I'm typing this so I can't.

Ways to show your support:

Жыве Беларусь slogan (literally: Viva Belarus)

Use the white-red-white flag instead of the current "official" Belarus flag, which is green and red. No, the white-red-white flag does not have any fascist undertones.

Thanks for taking your time to read.

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wow im a writer *hasnt written anything in forever*

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Belarus, right

People are protesting unfair elections, police violence is actively used against them

Donate here to support the victims (multilingual version with a better description)

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stop searching "Japanese boy names" when you make a new OC

INSTEAD search "popular boy names in Japan"--japan is my example, but it can apply to any nationality you're going for.

why? because if you search for names the first way, you often get Americanized versions. if you want truly authentic names, go to the source country. look at their top 100, 1000, whatever. you can go by year to make your character seem older or more modern too.

it'll give you a better idea of what names people in Japan are likely to have rather than something potentially stupid at best and racist at worse.

@overlord-pink i went ahead and assumed that by "colorful" you meant "eye-searing" and no i won't be accepting corrections at this time. he's a freaky little fish fellow who's gonna steal shit from fantasy raves and i love him

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SnapCube RE3 Randomizer Run but its an AMV

the first part of penny's re3 randomizer run was wild and i have too much free time so i made this idk lol

obsessed with how well these colors work for him

bonus burnish suit head under the cut:

i think this ship deserves some rights

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Well I finally got caught up on TMA [The Magnus Archives]

I have so many feelings about this podcast ugh

also i made an avatar of the vast-sona because there was an avatar sona thing going around on twitter and the vast is my babe

Link Tree

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[id: textured oil painting of a black cat sitting in the snow. The cat is in a loaf position, hunched over near the ground, and their tail is puffed up. Their eyes are open and they look intently down and to the right at something out of frame. Below the cat there are three feathers lying in the snow. The cat appears to have fallen snow on top of them--either that or just white spots. Behind them is a plant with small bare branches reaching up against the muffled azure-gray sky. end id.]

Mermay Day 8 - Field of Roses

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oops all cops are complicit in an oppressive system and are, therefore, ALL bastards

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I saw someone say, "If there are a thousand "good" cops and ten bad cops, but the thousand don't do anything to stop the bad ones? That means that there are a thousand and ten bad cops."

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Look Gordon, a rope! We can use t

angelicaphelion -

Help me, Gordon!

some more creepy angels

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The violence and oppression black people face is absolutely unacceptable. It is vital to support current protests and work to combat anti-blackness in ourselves and our communities. Black lives matter should not be a controversal statement.

Compiled resources with petitions, lists of places to donate to, information, and more

Supporting from the UK

Anti-racist educational resources

If you want to donate, but don't have the money to do so consider streaming these videos to support via ad revenue:

lovecubus -

some tips for the donation videos!

  1. do NOT mute the video in the youtube player! it wont count
  2. make sure to watch 3-5 other videos after this one, otherwise it will count as spam. watching the same vids over and over also makes your views count as spam
  3. likes and comments help boost the video
  4. clicking ads helps with revenue

Illustrated this treehouse for a lil dnd session some time ago, forgot to put it on here!

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Mushroom Dweller

Been enjoying making these lil fantasy mushroom creatures

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why is it that i only want to cause trouble at 3 am

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Mermay Day 6 - Desert

i think i prefer this one without shading,,, it kinda muddles the lines a bit huh