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bodys 2019

have you heard? the rubbish heaven official is having an affair with the ghost real's number one big shot!

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How to know when your nail polish is done drying:

  1. It's not.  

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one of my oldest fursonas is a pokesona of one of the old 90s pokegods, which doesn't have a set look on account of uhhhhh not existing lmao.

names include corona mew, cyromew, cybermew, etc. i go with chronamew :3c

it was said to be an evolution of mew. fun fact! mew was added into the game late. like, right before release levels late. and few people actually knew it was even in the game to begin with, which is what started its truly legendary status!

i love mew can u tell


Pokemon Trainer Penny

Fanart done for Penny's (aka SnapCube) Pokemon Sword livestream earlier today! Imitated the pokemon style. 

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when you had enough of ppl on twitter & tumblr

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oh, crow, what have you done?

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I looked like the other kids
But something inside me whispered
And told me
To disrespect god

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autism feels:

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(note: from stella own experience - but can add on if wants!)

  • words hard & spiky , blanket soft & warm
  • just gotta picks thing up *picks up* :D *drops again* :(
  • ooh new interest! ooh new interest! ooh new interest! ooh new i
  • must chew. now. MUST CHEW. N O W
  • mmyes, this food good... will eat for 3 months & make sick by accidents.
  • plushes in public cause need texture & friend
  • pictures in head no make words, but understand exact what means
  • SQUAWK!!!
  • rocking rocking rocking rocking, oops now rockings to rhythm--
  • when all sensation feel like tangle strings in head 
  • forget all faces, forget all names, just knows role in life (doctor, caregiver, etc) 
  • google all words & phrases, make sure use right ... still get wrongs. 
  • best comforts: curls up in dark, quiet room, having lotsa softs comfies around 
  • when NT say want answer so answer honest, then NT confuse ...
  • when learn loves autistic self no matter whats, & feel free :) 

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sunpop / sun-pop


he glows

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cursed game idea: a farming game but drawing from real life you have to deal with a randomly generated invasive plant on your land that you cannot just ignore because it will eat every corner of the world map.

sometimes you're lucky, and you get something that also serves as a craftable resource, like bamboo.

and then sometimes you get kudzu.

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sometimes it's sosnovsky's hogweed and you can't touch it with bare hands unless you want severe acid burns :) 

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*starts game* okay guess I better just go ahead and start clearing out my token invasive!!

*2 minutes later*

"yeah no I quit that game"

"huh? why?"

"I got a game-over for pulling a weed."

Traditional Art

Lately I’ve been doing nothing but traditional art with my cheap art supplies in order to get me out of my art slump, it’s working. I’m having a lot of fun with it and i’m surprised at how well they all turned out! Just decided to do art at my own pace, sorry for the lack of stuff. (Sorry for the bad quality pics lol, click to see better)

[My TeePublic Store] [My Tumblr] [My Twitter] [My Instagram] [My Commission Info] 



wanted to borrow peoples fursonas to see if i could draw furry creatures. This one belongs to @Moonalle105 over on twitter!

i got some work ahead of me.


lumine, bc i love her


a wizard and his bone boy <3

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gamers* be self shipping
*im gamers

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he posed himself n i just went with it, really

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Since Thanksgiving is around the corner I would like to call for non-native people in America to think critically about Thanksgiving and to consider exactly what you are celebrating. The colonization of America was not as harmonious as the thanksgiving fable of pilgrims and indians suggests. Throughout American history native tribes have been purposefully eradicated to make way for white colonists. We were viewed as heathens that were less than human, inferior to whites, and our deaths were a victory to be celebrated. Thanksgiving is yet another way our genocide is erased, to see it celebrated widely and proudly is a yearly reminder of how little regard and knowledge people have of our history. So this Thursday I encourage you to learn more about the atrocities Native Americans have faced and continue to face at the hands of colonialism. And if you can, consider donating one of the following charities or elsewise supporting native communities-


i haven't drawn anything in two weeks smh

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‘I’ll show you what’s in my hand if you come out,’ Sensin said, holding out a lightly closed fist.

Centela looked warily at the adult, and frowned. ‘What is it?’

‘You have to come look!’ he said. Then he beckoned Elli over, and let her peak in his hand.

‘Ooh,’ she breathed with awe.

Centela felt himself pulled curiously towards Sensin and slowly, he edged out from under the bushes. ‘What is it?’

‘Come look,’ Sensin repeated, waving his hand in a way that was far too tempting for Centela to resist.

He hurried to Sensin’s side and grabbed his wrist, peering at his hand. ‘Show me!’

Slowly, Sensin opened his hand to reveal nothing.

Centela felt his scales ice over, and he turned to sprint away— But was too slow. He struggled in Sensin’s grasp, screaming, ‘IT WAS A TRAP! A TRAP WAS IN YOUR HAND!’

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I colored that thing from the other day!!

hi, I love Quark now